Why Rotary? Here’s 20 reasons!

February 6, 2019 TheECRotary 0

20 Answers to the Question: Why Join Rotary? 1. Friendship: In an increasingly complex world, Rotary provides one of the most basic human needs: the need for friendship and fellowship. It is one of two reasons why Rotary began in [Read more…]

Are we there yet?

January 6, 2019 TheECRotary 0

Rotary is polio. We boast, and rightfully so, that we are “this close” to eradicating the disease.
Yet, according to Quick, only 1 in 3 countries are ready to respond to epidemic outbreaks.

Doesn’t Rotary have the know how to change this?

Members of the Rotary Clubs talk about their service experiences

Tell us what you do…

February 15, 2018 TheECRotary 0

Rotarian or not do, together we can make Ellicott City and the world better places for all.  Tell us what you do that builds goodwill, friendship, understanding, and peace?