Join THE Ellicott City Rotary Club

Why Rotary? Here’s 20 reasons!
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As a new member, you’ll have a chance to become more involved in your community and to provide aid to other parts of the world.  No matter what interests you, Rotary can help you get involved and make a difference.

20 Reasons Why to Join Rotary [PDF] 

  1. First, come to a club meeting or club social to meet with members and learn more about The Ellicott City Rotary Club.
  2.  Next, we will sit down with you at a “fireside chat” and give you more details about Rotary and answer any questions you have.
  3. Finally, after you officially join Rotary, we will have your induction ceremony during one of our meetings or social times.

Rotary is open to all professionals and does not discriminate based on race, color, religion,                sex or national origin.

My responsibilities:

  • Commit to Rotary to the best of your ability
  • Pay dues:  Quarterly Dues are $60.00 and this covers our local and international fees. Statements are sent via email, and may be paid by check or through our PayPal account.  Members individually pay for food and beverage costs at our Happy Hour.  Tersiguel’s lunch  always costs $20.  This can be paid up front or this cost can be added to a quarterly bill.
  • Remember to have fun!

How many Rotary clubs are in Howard County? There are seven clubs in HOCO.

How many clubs are in our District? The Howard 7 are part of District 7620. District 7620 includes 58 clubs.

How many Rotarians are there in the world? There are about 1.2 million Rotarians in the world. Rotary is a global network of neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers all volunteering their time and talents to serve their communities and the world.  Rotary is made up of more than 3,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas. 

Who joins Rotary? Rotary is made up of many different kinds of people. There are no religious or political commonalities. Rotarians have one thing in common. They all believe in Service Above Self, and the Rotary vision: “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.”

Are Rotary clubs different? Rotary clubs are different! Clubs meet at different times during the week, meet at different locations, are different sizes, have different traditions, support different causes, have different application processes, and have different dues structures.

How do I choose a club? Often club location and meeting times will narrow your search. Club projects may affect your choice. Fees may also be a deciding factor. Most importantly, consider club culture. Where do I fit in? We highly encourage those interested in learning about Rotary to visit more than one club and then decide which club is the right match. Most clubs wave all fees for a visiting first time guest.