The Surprising Boost You Get From Strangers from the Wall Street Journal 5-13-19

I found a new FAVORITE article about the benefits of talking to a stranger! How often am I brave enough to speak to a stranger? I know that more often than not, it makes my day when a stranger says hi to me, engages with me, or just smiles as I pass by. These simple unassuming gestures make the world seem like a small and friendly place. Author Elizabeth Bernstein writes, “People feel more connected when they talk to strangers, like they are part of something bigger.” Researcher, Dr. Sandstrom, quoted in Bernstein’s Wall Street Journal article found that moods improve after random positive encounters. Yet, people resist talking with strangers for fear they will not be liked. In fact, the exact opposite happens! Those who engage with strangers enjoy better emotional and physical health. “Rotary Connects The World”, was a Rotary theme a few years ago. Are we talking about using these interactions as a time to pitch the Rotary “ELEVATOR SPEECH… What is Rotary”? Maybe or maybe not. The point is, when I am feeling introverted, I make myself engage, and I have yet to be disappointed! However, I must be honest. I don’t always choose to engage when I am captive on a long plane or bus ride. What would it be like if more people CHOSE TO TALK TO A STRANGER? I think it is well worth considering!

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